Lost and Found – July 19th Edition

What to remember about July 19th…

    • 1553  15-year old Protestant Lady Jane Grey deposed by Catholic Mary I of England after ruling just nine days
    • 1692  Sarah Good and 4 other women hung for witchcraft after witchcraft trials in Salem, Mass.
    • 1814  American inventor and businessman Samuel Colt is born in Connecticut; legendary maker of firearms
    • 1848  1st women’s rights convention held near Seneca Falls, New York; Frederick Douglas attends
    • 1881  Sioux Chief Sitting Bull surrenders to U.S. Army
    • 1884  President Chester Arthur asserts power to quarantine immigrants for health reasons
    • 1943  Over 200 American bombers hit rail yards in Rome shaking the citizen’s confidence in Mussolini
    • 1968  1st International Special Olympics are held
    • 1984  Democrat Convention nominates Geraldine Ferraro for Vice President; She is the 1st woman and 1st Italian-American ever selected
    • 1985  NASA selects Christa McAuliffe for Teacher in Space Project; she will die in 1985 crash of Space Shuttle Challenger

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