Lost and Found – June 11th Edition

What to remember about June 11th…

  • 1776  Continental Congress appoints Committee of Five to draft the Declaration of Independence; members are Thomas Jefferson (VA), Benjamin Franklin(PA), Robert R. Livingston(NY), Roger Sherman(CT), and John Adams (MA)
  • 1898  1st U.S. Marines land at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Spanish-American War
  • 1927  Charles Lindbergh awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for his nonstop transatlantic flight from New York to Paris
  • 1943  Britain invades Sicily beginning Operation Corkscrew
  • 1963  University of Alabama desegregated by President John F. Kennedy’s federalization of Alabama National Guard
  • 1967  Six-Days War ends in truce
  • 1979  Actor John Wayne dies of cancer at age 72
  • 1986  Ferris Beuller’s Day Off opens in theaters
  • 2004  President Ronald Reagan’s state funeral held at Washington National Cathedral

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