Independence Day

Independence Day – Posted to MySpace July 4th, 2008 at 1:01 am

Today is NOT the 4th of July.  If today was the 4th of July your butt would be sitting at work today.  If today was just the 4th of July, there would be something in your mailbox after fighting your way home in Friday rush hour traffic.  If today was only the 4th of July then after Hamburger Helper for dinner you would have something to watch on TV besides reruns and the 3rd string talking heads on the news channels.  But today isn’t the 4th of July.  Today is Independence Day.

Independence Day… that’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?  Well, it should be.  Those two words encompass quite a lot.  Over 50,000 soldiers died in the conflict that created this 232 year old republic.  Civilian casualties and public privations suffered to ensure the freedom of all Americans can not be accurately counted to this day.  But, the estimates make the costs of liberating 30 million Iraqis seem pale in comparison.  Millions died to free Europe and Southeast Asia from fascism, Nazism and imperialism.

Ensuring the freedom of all men and women demands such costs.  And in recognizing such costs, shouldn’t we put forth just a little effort ourselves to make sure that their legacy – our freedom – is remembered and honored. Shouldn’t we recognize this day as an opportunity to reflect on those who have yet to be freed from their suffering.  Shouldn’t we use this day as an opportunity to refocus and rededicate our energies towards bringing freedom to the world?  You should share with others the blessings that so many will only recognize with beer and a ballgame.

Today is Independence Day.  Take a few moments today and honor it as such.  If enough of us do, then next year, maybe more of the world will be celebrating their independence right along with us.

Here’s hoping that you and yours have a happy and safe Independence Day.

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