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History that’s not so trivial.

Lost and Found – March 19th Edition

What to remember about March 19th…

  • 1734  Founding Father and President under Articles of Confederation Thomas McKean is born in Pennsylvania (d. 1817)
  • 1863  CSS Georgiana, most powerful ship in Confederate navy is scuttled by crew on maiden voyage after failing to break Union blockade of Charleston
  • 1865  Ragtag collection of Confederate forces make desperate attempt to halt General Sherman’s drive through the Carolinas
  • 1916  U.S. air forces begin 1st combat missions; support for General Pershing’s hunt for Pancho Villa provides valuable training ahead of WWI
  • 1931  Nevada legalizes gambling with hopes of lifting the state out of Great Depression
  • 1945  Adolf Hitler issues “Nero Decree” ordering Nazi forces to destroy industrial, military, and transportation sites to be destroyed to prevent them being captured by advancing Allied forces
  • 1950  American fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs dies in Encino, California; creator of Tarzan, John Carter, and Pellucidar series (b. 1875)
  • 2003  Allied forces invade as Operation Iraqi Freedom begins
  • 2011  British, French, and American forces begin military intervention on the side of Libyan rebels in Libyan civil war

Lost and Found – March 18th Edition

What to remember about March 18th…

  • 1766  Too late to assuage American resentment, Parliament repeals Stamp Act taxes; protests of Act galvanize revolutionary sentiments
  • 1837  Future 22nd and 24th President of the United States Grover Cleveland is born in Caldwell, New Jersey (d. 1908)
  • 1845  American nurseryman and folk hero John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman dies near Fort Wayne, Indiana (b. 1774)
  • 1852  Henry Wells and William G. Fargo form their namesake shipping and banking company
  • 1865  Congress of the Confederate States adjourns for the final time
  • 1942  War Relocation Authority is created to manage internment of Japanese, German, and Italian Americans during WWII
  • 1962  After 7 years of Muslim rebellion and over 100,000 casualties, France signs truce agreement with rebels ending 130 years of French rule in Algeria
  • 1965  Soviet Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov becomes 1st person to take a “spacewalk”
  • 1968  Congress repeals the Gold Standard that had required gold reserves to back U.S. currency
  • 1969  American Air Force B-52 bombers strike at targets inside Cambodia for the 1st time in the Vietnam War
  • 1994  Representatives of warring Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina sign Washington Agreement ending hostilities and forming Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lost and Found – March 17th Edition

What to remember about March 17th…

  • 461   Christian missionary and bishop of Ireland Saint Patrick dies after 40 years of ministry, teaching, and building churches (b. 387)
  • 1762  1st ever recorded Saint Patrick’s Day parade occurs in New York City
  • 1776  Surrounded by General Washington’s Patriot forces and artillery, 12,000 British soldiers flee Boston and head for Nova Scotia; 8-year long siege of Boston ends
  • 1780  General Washington grants Continental Army a holiday “as an act of solidarity with the Irish in their fight for independence”
  • 1905  Future 32nd President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt marries his cousin Eleanor Roosevelt in New York
  • 1942  Nazi forces begin gassing Jews from the Lvov Ghetto at death camp in Belzec, Poland
  • 1947  B-45 Tornado, America’s 1st jet bomber, makes maiden flight
  • 1960  President Eisenhower signs National Security Directive that will lead to the “Bay of Pigs” invasion of Cuba
  • 1985  “Night Stalker” serial killer Richard Ramirez kills 2 and wounds 1 in Los Angeles as his murder rampage begins
  • 1992  Hezbollah-linked Muslim homicide bomber detonates truck bomb outside israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires; 29 killed and 240 wounded
  • 2003  President George Bush gives televised speech declaring that Iraqi dictator Saddam has 2 days to leave the country or American forces will invade

Lost and Found – March 15th Edition

What to remember about March 15th…

  • 44 B.C.  Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar is assassinated by 60 conspirators on the Ides of March
  • 1767  Future 7th President Andrew Jackson is born in South Carolina (d. 1845)
  • 1781  British General Cornwallis’ troops defeat much larger Patriot army under Nathanael Greene at Battle of Guilford Courthouse in North Carolina
  • 1783  General Washington makes surprise appearance before secret gathering of army officers in New York; ends this “Newburgh Conspiracy” and prevents potential rebellion over Congress’ failure to pay them
  • 1820  Maine is admitted as the 23rd state in the Union
  • 1916  President Woodrow Wilson orders General Pershing and 12,000 troops into Mexico in pursuit of the bandit Pancho Villa
  • 1965  Just days after violent clashes in Selma, Alabama, President Lyndon Johnson proposes a “voting rights act” before joint session of Congress
  • 1972  Epic American crime film The Godfather opens in theaters
  • 1989  United States Department of Veterans Affairs becomes 14th department in the President’s Cabinet
  • 2005  Leaders from over 40 countries attend dedication of Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem

Lost and Found – March 14th Edition

What to remember about March 13th…

Pi Day – 3.14

  • 1794  Eli Whitney is granted a patent for the cotton gin; machinery makes cotton production with slave labor economically profitable
  • 1879  Mathematician and physicist Albert Einstein is born in Ulm, Germany (d. 1955)
  • 1914  Naval F6F aviator and Medal of Honor recipient Lieutenant Commander Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare is born in St. Louis, MO(d. 1943); Chicago-area airport and US destroyer both renamed in his honor
  • 1943  Nazis complete “liquidation” Krakow Ghetto in Poland; 8,000 able-bodied shipped to concentration camps; remaining 2,000 killed in the streets
  • 1950  United States Federal Bureau of Investigation institutes the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List”
  • 1964  Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby is sentenced to death for slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald – assassin of President John F. Kennedy
  • 1990  Mikhail Gorbachev is elected 1st and only President of the Soviet Union; reform attempt fails to maintain union and country collapses next year
  • 1995  NASA scientist and astronaut Norman Earl Thagard becomes 1st American to ride into orbit aboard another nations spacecraft – Soyuz TM-21

Lost and Found – March 13th Edition

What to remember about March 13th…

  • 1836  Texas General Sam Houston begins series of strategic retreats to buy his growing army time to train and equip before confronting Santa Anna
  • 1862  Federal troops are ordered not to return runaway slaves; counters the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and sets stage for emancipation
  • 1865  In desperate measure to bolster their shrinking combat forces, Confederacy authorizes use of black slaves as troops in the army
  • 1868  Impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson begins; 1st time a sitting president tried
  • 1933  Banks begin to reopen after President Franklin Roosevelt’s declared “bank holiday”
  • 1942  Army Quartermaster Corps begins training dogs for use in the newly created War Dogs Program, formal beginning of the “K-9 Corps”
  • 1954  40,000 Viet Minh troops surround 15,000-strong French garrison at Dien Bien Phu; siege ends with defenders loss 2 months later
  • 1964  Reports say that Kitty Genovese was murdered near her home and that 38 witnesses neither tried to help or call the police
  • 1991  Department of Justice announces that Exxon will pay $1 billion for clean up of 1989 Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska
  • 2013  Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope and takes the name Francis; he is the 1st Pope to come from the Americas

Lost and Found – March 12th Edition

What to remember about March 12th…

  • 1864  Ill-fated Union Red River Campaign begins; infantry embarked on riverboats hope to reclaim territory in Louisiana
  • 1903  Baseball team owners give New York Highlanders permission to join the American League; in 1913 they will be renamed “Yankees”
  • 1915  Medal of Honor recipient, Philippine Scout, and U.S. First Lieutenant Willibald C. Bianchi is born in Minnesota (d. 1945)
  • 1930  Mohandas Gandhi begins a defiant march to the sea in protest of the British monopoly on salt and to promote independence movement
  • 1933  To bolster morale of people suffering through Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt addresses the nation in “fireside chat”
  • 1993  Appointed by President Clinton, Janet Reno is sworn in this day as 1st female Attorney General of the United States
  • 2003  15-year-old Elizabeth Smart is found alive nine months after she was kidnapped from her home; both abductors captured
  • 2011  Reactor explodes and releases radiation at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant after earthquake and tsunami strike the day before

fdr fireside chats

Lost and Found – March 11th Edition

What to remember about March 11th…

  • 1779  Congress authorizes creation of the Army Corps of Engineers to support Continental Army; becomes permanent organization in 1802
  • 1861  Permanent Constitution of the Confederacy is adopted by delegates secessionist states meeting in Montgomery, Alabama
  • 1918  Over 100 soldiers come down with flu-like symptoms at Ft. Riley, Kansas; these 1st cases mark beginning of pandemic that will spread to kill 675,000 Americans and over 20 million more worldwide
  • 1941  President Franklin Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease program is authorized by Congress; aid to Soviet Union added later
  • 1942  Under orders from the President, General Douglas MacArthur escapes the Philippine Islands as defenses fall to the invading Japanese
  • 1989  Landmark documentary-style television show COPS debuts on FOX
  • 2004  10 bombs detonate on trains and in stations around Madrid, Spain; 191 killed and over 2000 injured; terrorists win major victory when coming elections turn government over to anti-war, appeasement Socialists
  • 2011  Sendai earthquake and tsunami strike Tohoku coast of Japan damaging nuclear power facilities; over 15,000 dead, twice that wounded

Lost and Found – March 9th Edition

What to remember about March 9th…

  • 1841  SCOTUS rules that slaves that had taken control of the ship Amistad were illegally placed into slavery and are free under American law
  • 1862  Ironclad ships U.S.S. Monitor and C.S.S. Virginia clash off Hampton Roads, Virginia; historic clash ends in a draw
  • 1916  Forces led by Mexican bandit Pancho Villa raid Columbus, New Mexico killing 17 and set town ablaze; President Wilson orders Army to Mexico to kill or capture the raiders
  • 1945  U.S. warplanes begin 2-day bombing offensive against Japan; 2000 tons of incendiaries create massive firestorm in and around Tokyo
  • 1954  Senate Republicans criticize Senator McCarthy’s methods and seek to limit his power to investigate communist activity in the U.S.
  • 1969  Barbie Doll makes its debut at the American International Toy Fair
  • 1977  12 Hanafi Muslim gunmen seize 3 buildings in Washington, D.C. and take 149 people hostage; 2 victims killed before 3-day siege ends
  • 1996  Legendary actor and comedian George Burns dies at 100 (b. 1896)
  • 2011  Space Shuttle Discovery makes her final landing at Kennedy Space Center after 27 years of service; she will be placed in a museum

Lost and Found – March 8th Edition

What to remember about March 8th…

  • 1775  Anonymous pamphlet called African Slavery In America is published, 1st public call for emancipation; believed to be work of Thomas Paine
  • 1817  Informal group of stock brokers draft constitution and organize to form New York Stock and Exchange Board
  • 1841  Future Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Oliver Wendell Holmes is born (d. 1935)
  • 1862  Ironclad CSS Virginia (formerly USS Merrimack) attacks at Hampton Roads damaging or destroying 3 Union ships
  • 1917  Strikes and riots spread across Russia as February Revolution begins; defection of military units to protests leads to end of Czars
  • 1964  U.S. Marines make amphibious landing to secure Da Nang airbase; 1st combat troops deployed to Vietnam
  • 1983  President Reagan calls Soviet Union “evil empire” in televised speech
  • 1999  Baseball legend Joseph Paul “Joe” DiMaggio dies in Hollywood, Florida (b. 1914)
  • 1999  SCOTUS upholds murder convictions and death sentence of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh
  • 2008  Minister of Agriculture in Vietnam announced ban on possession of hamsters; fine for violation equals almost 2 years average income